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I go to this company because they allowed my brother to rent there mini van even though he was 20 yrs.old.

So on our way to Virgina we had gotten a flat. My brothers ended up changing the flat and put on the spare one. We waited until the next day to patch the tire. The crazy thing is no only was the tire flat but the steering wheel kept getting stuck and the break pedal kept getting stuck.

So the next day we go to get the tire fixed and my brother talks to them on the phone only for them to ask us the exact tire that had gotten the flat. Which pissed me off especially with my child and little brother in the car as well on the highway in the middle of traffic. So i called and cussed them out over the phone. Then they told the people at Firestone to either patch the tire or if they cant that we would have to drive 2 hours back home on the highway with a doughnut.

Now the employee at Firestone told my brother and I that we could only go 50 miles an hour on the don't. Which was outrages if they thought I was even going to be okay with. Only because they wanted to be cheap and not get a new tire which they knew was faulty when they gave it to us. Then the guy at Firestone even had to call them back himself to get them to get a new tire for the mini van.

Worst family trip of my life. When we finally get back they don't even want to give us our money back at least for the two days that inconvenienced us.

they offered to give us a free upgrade for a future rental.Now if you danger my life, my child's, life, and families lives, what makes you think that i would even want to rent from you again.

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Calm down DRAMA QUEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin :grin

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